Structured Problem Solving

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Are you tired of solving the same problems over and over? Do you wish there was a better way to engage your team in real problem solving and ensure that problems stay solved? When you implement proven problem solving methodologies, your team becomes an army of problem solvers at the front lines and they will be engaged in their work. This course provides an overview of how a culture of problem solving built on the Lean methodology of performance and quality improvement has helped many hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world. You will learn how teams just like yours have used these same tools and methods to achieve higher levels of performance, employee engagement and patient experience.

Main Features

  • More than 20 tools!

    Learn more than 20 robust tools in the Lean toolbox and start applying them immediately!

  • Engage physicians and staff

    Learn how to engage everyone in your organization in the problem solving process

  • Learn from the best

    Learn from a master trainer who has taught and implemented these tools and concepts in real settings across the world

  • Beautiful Style

    Visually appealing materials designed to keep you and your staff engaged throughout the entire course

Be the Best!

For your patients and team members

This course empowers you and your staff to implement concepts and tools that have been proven to work in healthcare organizations around the world.

Our past students rave about the course!

Knowledgeable & Passionate

P. Terrell

Eddie is very knowledgeable and passionate about Lean. He made it easy to learn the material!

Application to Healthcare

M. Curry

Direct application to healthcare!

Great Instructor!

A. Tomlinson

Eddie is a great instructor. He maintains a pleasant and charismatic demeanor the whole time.

Informative, Interactive, Fun!

V. Nguyen

Loved learning Value Stream Mapping, Gemba walks and Visual Management!


K. Ferrando

The most valuable piece of this course is the practical use of Value Stream Mapping and Root Cause Analysis.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lean History & Fundamentals

    • Introduction

    • Lean Healthcare Study Complement

    • Lean Fundamentals

    • Lean History

    • The 5 Principles

    • The Five Principles Handout

    • Lean Overview

    • Lean Culture

    • Toyota Principles

  • 2

    Principle 1: Value

    • How to define Value

    • Waste: What is it?

    • Transportation Waste

    • Inventory Waste

    • Motion Waste

    • Waiting: The most prevalent waste in healthcare!

    • Overproduction Waste

    • Over processing Waste

    • Defects Waste

    • The 7 Wastes

    • Voice of the Customer (VOC)

    • Who Defines Value?

    • How do we define value?

    • Quiz: The 7 Wastes

    • The Seven Wastes - Workbook

  • 3

    Principle 2: Identify & Map the Value Stream

    • What is the Value Stream?

    • Value Stream Mapping

    • The Current State

    • The Future State

    • Gemba

    • Time: A Core Metric

    • Lean Time

    • Cycle Time

    • Value Added Time

    • Time Value Chart

    • Takt Time

    • Quiz: Which Time Measure?

    • Calculate Takt Time

  • 4

    Principle 3: Flow

    • What is Flow?

    • Continuous Flow vs. Batching

    • Batching in your organization

  • 5

    Principle 4: Pull

    • Push Systems: The opposite of Pull

    • Pull Systems

    • Pull vs. Push

    • Pull Systems in Healthcare: A Real Patient Experience

  • 6

    Principle 5: Pursue Perfection

    • Kaizen

    • Plan Do Check Act (PDCA)

    • Structured Problem Solving with PDCA

    • PDCA Handout

    • What is Kaizen?

  • 7

    Lean Tools

    • SIPOC

    • Process Maps

    • 5S

    • Sort

    • Straighten

    • Shine

    • Standardize

    • Sustain

    • Visual Workplace

    • Kanban

    • Quick Changeover

  • 8


    • Further Learning & Congratulations


Master Trainer

Eddie Perez-Ruberte

Eddie Pérez-Ruberté is an Operational Excellence consultant, facilitator, author, speaker and thought leader. He wrote the book Healthcare Quality Management: A Case Study Approach. Eddie is an internationally known speaker on Innovation and applications of Lean in Healthcare, employee engagement and healthcare quality, high-reliability and performance improvement. He is the founder of the Innovation Leadership Institute. Eddie teaches Lean and Six Sigma certification courses at multiple universities and organizations around the world. He has implemented Continuous Improvement programs in healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace and nonprofits. Eddie held an appointment as Instructor of Health Care Systems Engineering for the College of Medicine at Mayo Clinic. He speaks about Innovation and Lean and is available for speaking engagements, training or workshops to help you achieve higher quality, higher employee engagement and higher customer satisfaction. Eddie is a Certified Lean Expert and a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from ASQ.